The professors, speakers of the 36th Medical Congress of Limassol medical association visited the museum the noon and had a tour from the curator of the museum Dr Chris Messis.

On Saturday, 19th March 2016, we had a visit from 3 doctors / speakers who attended the 16th international congress of perinatal medicine. The arrived at the museum with their guide. They had a brief visit of our exhibits and our botanical garden and left excited with the plethora of exhibits and technology we host.

On 31st October 2015 a Russian doctors group, that came to Cyprus for a congress, visited our museum during their tour in Cyprus.

The inauguration of our new section of dentistry,  that took place in our botanical garden on September 25th, in cooperation with the Limassol Dentist Association had a big success.

Our brotherhood event took place at 26/6/2015 with success.