1. Obstetrical metallic table with stairs used in Nicosia in 1930.
  2. Small table with porcelain basin for placement and care of neonates.
  3. Incubator for placement and care of problematic neonates.
  4. Steam sterilizer for surgical instruments ( Heat produced with   Primus kerosene pressure stove).
  5. Box with old obstetrical – surgical instruments
  6. First Electrocardiograph used in Cyprus (Nicosia) in 1938
  7. Surgical Diathermy
  8. Closet containing glass syringes,  metallic needles, urologic instruments etc.
  9. First kidney machine (for hemodialysis) used in Cyprus privately by a Greek cypriot patient in cooperation with a Turkish cypriot patient in Limassol in 1972.
  10. Surgical operating table.
  11. Diploma in Medicine of M.Tritoftidis
  12. Anesthetic machine with masks, oxygen bottles and anesthetic gases (ether, chloroform, nitrous oxide, cyclopropane etc.)
  13. Operating room lamp.
  14. Suction machines
  15. Genitourinary instruments
  16. Ophthalmoscope—Otoscope
  17. X-Ray machine.
  18. Dr Solomonidis clinic sign post.
  19. Surgical diathermy.
  20. Metallic orthoscope.
  21. X-Ray machine. (Ioannis Ioannides) At the entrance of the museum. Oxygen gas cylinder (Gaston Schizas)
  22. First Electrocargiogaph used in Limassol
  23. Blood pressure apparatus with mercury (Sphigmomanometer)
  24. Basic metabolism machine for testing thyroid function.
  25. Series of Electrocardiographs of different age and structure.
  26. ENT operating chair-table used in 1950.
  27. ENT examining chair used in 1950.
  28.  ENT instruments for examination and surgery 
  29. Two old steam sterilizers (one heated with kerosene pressure stove).
  30. Dr Hadjipapas clinic sign post.
  31. Suction machine.
  32. Two oxygen containers.
  33. Diagnostic and surgical arthroscope with and without the use of   video camera.
  34. Neurosurgical microscope.
  35. Orthopedic table for hip and femur fracture treatment.
  36. Modified orthopedic table in order to accommodate the use of C-Arm X-Ray equipment.
  37. Pediatric splints for conservative treatment of congenital hip dislocation.
  38. Thomas splints for immobilization of fractures of the femur.
  39.  Electroconvulsive treatment (ECT) apparatus.
  40. Galvanization equipment.
  41. Thermotherapy equipment.
  42. Electromyograph (EMG) with Polaroid camera.
  43. 44A,B.  Electroencephalograph (EEG) with Photic stimulator.
  44. Pedal operated dental equipment used in 1950 with characteristic caricature of Stathis Economides.
  45. Boxes for X-Ray film development, radio-protective gloves and apron, adjustment eye glasses and X-Ray film cassettes and frames (on hangers) (46A,B,C,D,E).
  46. Dental X-Ray equipment.
  47. Infrared equipment for thermotherapy.
  48.  Brown Frame for conservative treatment of fractured femur
  49. Laboratory Microscope.
  50. ----------
  51. ----------
  52. Ultrasound machine. removed
  53. Anesthesiology machine using Halothane.
  54.  Diploma of  EEG technician for Elena Messis
  55. Automatic Respirator.
  56. C-Arm X-Ray machine with two monitors.
  57.  ICU Monitor. removed
  58. Suction machines removed.
  59.  Modern sterilizer.
  60. Slit lamp ophthalmology equipment.
  61. Semiautomatic Perimeter for visual field examination (Goldman)
  62.   Simple ophthalmic perimeter of Faster.
  63. Yag laser equipment for treatment of secondary cataract.
  64. Automatic perimeter of Humphrey.
  65. Short wave diathermy.
  66. Obstetrical and surgical instruments.
  67. Long leg walking calibers for children with cerebral palsy
  68. Instruments for orthopedic surgery
  69. Gynecological examination chair.
  70. removed
  71. Portable oxygen containers.
  72. Sterimat sterilizer.
  73.  X-Ray machine since 1965.
  74. Ophthalmoscope-Otoscope.
  75. Copies of ancient medical instruments from Jerusalem.
  76. Examination table.
  77. Portable electric sterilizer.
  78. Removed
  79. Gynogauge for diagnosing fallopian tube obstruction with blowing special gas.
  80. -----------
  81. Heart monitor for electrical and sound monitoring of fetal and pregnant woman’s heart.
  82. Fetal heart monitor.
  83. Ampoules with obstetric – gynecologic drugs
  84. ---------
  85. ----------
  86. ----------
  87. ----------
  88. Small electrical lamp.
  89. Greek typewriter.
  90. Operating room light.
  91. Gauze mask for ether anesthesia.
  92. ENT headlight.
  93. ENT organ models.
  94. Fetal metallic celioscopes for direct fetal heart monitoring.
  95. Centrifuge
  96. Stand for blood sedimentation rate examination.
  97. Portable X-Ray machine.
  98. X-Ray machine.
  99. Ophthalmic pressure measurement equipment of Maklakov.
  100. Operating room lamp.
  101. Modern portable Diathermy.
  102. Metallic gynecological cystoscopy
  103. Small (pocket) sterilizer for glass syringes and metallic needles.
  104. Stretcher
  105. Blood sugar monitoring equipment.
  106. Mercury thermometers.
  107. More recent Electrocomvulsive treatment (ECT) apparatus.
  108. First ultrasound machine used in Limassol.
  109. Steam electrical sterilizer.
  110. Neurosurgical equipment.
  111. Box with obstetrical-gynecological instruments.
  112. Laboratory microscope.
  113. ECG Removed
  114. Defibrillator
  115. Enema apparatus
  116. ENT cautery.
  117. Set of ophthalmic testing lenses with metallic frame of glasses.
  118. Pterygium applicator.
  119. Audiograph .
  120. Appliances for radiotherapy calculations.
  121. Viewing box for X-Ray films
  122. Bottle with Hypermaganat for urethral infusion (washing)
  123. Violet Ray high frequency apparatus (Beamu)
  124. Box with surgical and obstetrical instruments
  125. Endoscopy instruments ( Laryngoscope, bronchoscope and esophagoscope)
  126. Laryngoscope for anesthesiologists
  127. Adenoidectomy instruments
  128. Audiograph
  129. Foot operaded suction
  130. Snare for removal of nasal polyps
  131. Needle for tapping the paranasal antrum
  132. Instrument for controlling post tonsillectomy bleeding
  133. Mouth retractors
  134. Rubber bag with ice cubes placed around the neck to control post tonsillectomy bleeding
  135. Tonsillectomy guillotine
  136. Sterilizers with water and electricity
  137. Obstetrical- Gynecological instruments
  138. Pediatric instruments
  139. Equipment (scales) for weighing newborn babies
  140. Doctor’s bag
  141. Surgical instruments
  142. Various types of neurological hammers    
  143. Snellen Chart
  144. Equipment for infusion of fluids under pressure
  145. Various medications
  146. Various glass tubes
  147. Glass bottles and boxes
  148. Meniscectomy scalpels
  149. Hoffman’s external fixator
  150. Set for blood sipping and examination
  151. Internal structures of the eye
  152. Electrolysis apparatus
  153. Student,s ID card (1937) and license to practice medicine for G.Schizas (1949)
  154. Office telephone of G.Schizas
  155. Microscope for testing lenses of eye glasses
  156. Microtome
  157. Needle for sternal paranasal and bone marrow reception (Ygeia Polyclinic lab)
  158. Old portable and electric ophthalmoscope donated by dr. Ion Oikonomides
  159. 1st cardio escort ambulatory monitor (holter) that used in Cyprus. Donator dr. Nearchos Marcos Agathangelou.
  160. Photo of the first cornea transplant in Cyprus
  161. Dental X-ray 1989 by Salti Erefitz
  162. Dental chair
  163. Dental unit
  164. Dental Radiotherapy equipment
  165. Dental X-Ray machine
  166. Dentist's chair
  167. Dentist's cabinet
  168. Xenis Xenopoulos clinic sign post
  169. Dentistry instruments
  170. Jung Microtome